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Frequently Asked Questions

When you utilize our service, you will engage in an online video appointment with a licensed doctor who will assess your needs. Following this consultation, you will receive:

A digital copy of your prescription for convenient access on your phone.
A physical prescription copy for each vehicle in your household.
Detailed instructions on how to add the tinted window prescription to your driver’s license, where applicable.
Additional information tailored to your specific medical needs and geographic location.

The tint percentage we prescribe ranges from 50% to 10%, based on what is medically determined to be necessary for your comfort.

Yes, currently you can obtain a prescription if you are in a different state.

Due to the public health emergency, there have been adjustments to the usual prescribing regulations, enhancing the convenience of the prescription process. Traditionally, prescribers needed to hold both a state and DEA license in every state they prescribed medication or in the patient’s state. Now, under the new rules, if doctors possess a state license and DEA license in one state, they are not mandated to acquire an additional DEA license to prescribe in another state. For more details, refer to the article linked below:

Telehealth Expansion Article

It’s important to note, however, that not all states permit tinted windows. Our service is limited to prescribing for residents of states where tinted windows are legally allowed.

To determine if we can write prescriptions for your state, please visit our shop link located in the top menu of our website. There, you will find an up-to-date list of states where our services are currently available. This list is continuously expanding as we obtain licensing in additional states and as state regulations evolve to permit our services.

If your state is not currently listed, we encourage you to check back regularly, as we are actively working to extend our services to meet the needs of customers across all states where tinted window prescriptions are permitted.

We offer a 15-minute grace period for appointments. Should you not join the call within 5 minutes past your scheduled time, we will attempt to contact you. Please be aware that a fee of $35.00 is applied for appointments that are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance. This fee is in place because incurs costs for reserving and compensating doctors for their time, and we are charged for the appointment in the event of a no-show.

Unfortunately, immediate appointments are not available. We need to arrange for doctors in advance of the appointment. As a small business, does not operate every day. Therefore, appointments need to be booked ahead of time, and any cancellations should be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.


No, the physicians associated with MyEyeRx are obligated to substantiate each prescription to a state or medical board. Currently, a threshold of 5% is regarded as excessive prescribing.

Currently, MyEyeRx does not engage in the billing of insurance providers. However, we are now approved to accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) as payment options.

Prices start at $350 and can go up to $500, varying by the state of residence. We provide discounts for current and former military personnel, first responders, and also offer promotional coupons. Please reach out to us to learn about our special offers.

While we advocate for regular annual check-ups with your optometrist to ensure comprehensive eye health, our service caters to individuals seeking a prescription for tinted windows outside their routine eye exams. Typically, corporate optometrists do not issue prescriptions for tinted windows. Our service was established to provide the public with access to tinted window prescriptions, offering a cost-effective solution to address various comfort and visual concerns.

When you consult with one of our representatives, we can provide preliminary guidance on whether you qualify for our service. This prescreening process is designed to prevent you from incurring costs for a service that may not be applicable to your situation. Please note, however, that only a doctor is qualified to recommend a specific window shade amount.

We request payment in advance to secure your booking with our doctors. Since the doctors are compensated for their time regardless of attendance, this policy helps manage instances where appointments are missed. Please note, if an appointment is not rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance, a $35 appointment fee will be charged.


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